Matcha Tea Set 1 – Basic

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Start your matcha habit today.
This Matcha set will equip you with all the tools and the tea you need.
This is the ideal kit for the beginning matcha drinker.


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Tea bowl
Choice from 2 types.

Tea scoop
Bamboo tea scoop

Tea whisk
Bamboo chasen tea whisk.

Choice from two tea bowls

Azure blue ocean pattern tea bowl

The interior of the bowl resembles an azure blue ocean. It is a beautiful feature that was enhanced by the choice of glaze to use for the interior of the bowl. A beautiful and refreshing image that is especially suitable for a refreshing bowl of matcha during summer. 

Matcha Tea-bowl Moonlight Sky

Moonlight sky pattern tea bowl

The interior of the bowl resembles a moon-lit sky at night. It is a beautiful feature that came about during firing in the kiln due to chemical reactions in the clay and glaze of the tea bowl.

Bamboo tea scoop

Measure how much matcha you need

A stylish bamboo tea scoop to measure the amount of tea powder needed for your bowl of tea.

  • For a bowl of thin-tea (usucha), scoop tea with the bowl of the tea-scoop only, and insert 2 scoops and a half into your tea-bowl.
  • For a bowl of thick-tea (koicha), use the entire front half of the tea-scoop to draw tea onto, and measure three scoops per one person’s portion.
Bamboo Tea Scoop made in Japan

Bamboo chasen tea whisk

For a beautiful froth

A tea whisk is the most basic utensil required to prepare a bowl of matcha tea. Having added the right amount of matcha tea powder and hot water into the tea bowl, use the tea whisk to briskly mix the powder and water together until a bright green froth appears.

Tea whisk shaper - kusenaoshi

Keep your tea whisk in good shape

Use this simple tool to maintain the wide shape of your tea whisk to ensure that it will continuously serve you with a delicious froth, while making sure the tea whisk lasts you longest.
For more information on how to use this tool and how to properly care for your tea whisk, refer to my explanatory video on YouTube:

A Chakin Ceremonial tea cloth

To cleanse and ready your tea bowl

Use this hemp tea cloth to cleanse the tea bowl. It is always used slightly moist . Give it a try! It will add to the ceremony of the experience.


Our Best Starter Matcha - The Solitary Pine

This set includes our entry level organic matcha, The Solitary Pine (Ipponmatsu).
Learn more about this wonderful matcha here:
Matcha – Ipponmatsu – The Solitary Pine

This organic matcha is produced by the Azuma family in Wazuka, Kyoto. They are a producer of organic and environmentally friendly tea products, with main focus on the manufacturing of matcha.

Learn more about matcha

Matcha Tea Set 1 – Basic


Start your matcha habit Today.

Weight501 g


Bowl color

Azure, Moonlight

1 review for Matcha Tea Set 1 – Basic

  1. RJ (verified owner)

    I purchased this basic matcha set a long while back. I cannot remember if I got the Moonlight bowl or the Azure bowl, but I own both. I will review the Moonlight bowl here (out of stock as of this writing). I reviewed the Azure bowl in its individual page.

    I originally purchased this set because it had a lot of things that I wanted, partially for me and partially to fill a matcha newcomer friend’s toolset. This set worked out very well for that, and getting these things in the set can save a little money. If you are new to matcha don’t let the price throw you off. This is a really good deal!

    First, the matcha is top tier. Very good balance between umami and good-bitter, and very easy to foam, which is exactly as I like my matcha. It is one of my favorites.

    The chasen, chashaku, and kuse naoshi are very serviceable. You won’t be turning any heads if you are serving folks who have been into tea for a while, but you can make some very fine tea with them!

    The chakin is woven in a style that the Enshu tradition uses which means, to put it as simply as possible, that the stitched squares are a little on the larger side. It works exactly the same as other, more tightly woven chakin. However, if you are taking lessons from a very strict teacher in a different style be sure to note that difference.

    And finally the “Moonlight” bowl. It is small, with a hefty weight, and it is also a more affordable type bowl which makes for a great travel bowl. The size is great for people with small hands and children learning tea ritual, but those with arthritic fingers might struggle a bit due to a very short foot at the bottom of the bowl. These are traits it shares with the “Azure” bowl, along with its exact shape, so you are not missing out on anything if you like that choice better.
    The colors are quite stunning, with a rustic looking spotted yellow exterior and metallic splotched interior. The metallic inner surface shimmers in the light, which has pleased several guests I have served with it.
    The inside is a little rough (unlike the super smooth “Azure” bowl) and there are small bumps, but it is not so rough that it will eat away at your chasen. It is a great casual or starter bowl.

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Matcha Tea Set 1 – Basic