Matcha Tea Set 3 – Ceremony

Take your first steps in tea ceremony with our ceremony oriented matcha set.
This Matcha set will equip you with all the tools and the tea you need.
This is the ideal kit for you who wants to take drinking matcha a little more serious.


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Tea bowl
Hand-crafted tea bowl.

Tea scoop
Bamboo tea scoop

Tea whisk
Bamboo chasen tea whisk for koicha.

Hand crafted tea bowl

Hand crafted tea bowl by Kyoto ceramics artist Iku Murakami.

Gohon style pottery was introduced to Japan from Korea in the form of chawan (tea bowls) which were especially popular during the Azuchi-Momoyama (1573-1603) period throughout the early Edo period (1603-1868). The term gohon (lit. the book) refers to the order book in which the Japanese tea masters and daimyo marked the patterns and styles of wares they wished to order from the distant Busan kilns in Korea.

Learn more here: About the artist: Iku Murakami at the Fukuiku Kiln

Matcha tea caddy

Natsume tea caddy to serve your matcha

A beautifully decorated tea caddy to serve your matcha when presenting a bowl of tea to your guests. This matcha caddy will bring color to your table and will allow you to start exploring the world of tea ceremony in a much more authentic way.

Bamboo tea scoop

Measure how much matcha you need

A stylish bamboo tea scoop to measure the amount of tea powder needed for your bowl of tea.

  • For a bowl of thin-tea (usucha), scoop tea with the bowl of the tea-scoop only, and insert 2 scoops and a half into your tea-bowl.
  • For a bowl of thick-tea (koicha), use the entire front half of the tea-scoop to draw tea onto, and measure three scoops per one person’s portion.
Bamboo Tea Scoop made in Japan

Bamboo chasen tea whisk

Enshu-ryu Tea Whisk for Thick Tea

Enshu-ryu Tea Whisk for Thick Tea

According to the preferences of the different schools of tea, each style has different requirements for their tea whisks.
The Enshu school for example makes a distinction between whisks for thick-tea and thin-tea, and requires the knot of the thread holding the tines in place, to be tied on the inside.

This tea whisk is suitable for the preparation of a delicious bowl of thick tea matcha.
They are crafted by Yasaburo Tanimura, one of the very few craftsmen in the only region in Japan, Takayama in Nara prefecture, where traditional hand-crafted bamboo tea whisks are produced.

Learn more about this tea whisk here.

Tea whisk shaper - kusenaoshi

Keep your tea whisk in good shape

Use this simple tool to maintain the wide shape of your tea whisk to ensure that it will continuously serve you with a delicious froth, while making sure the tea whisk lasts you longest.
For more information on how to use this tool and how to properly care for your tea whisk, refer to my explanatory video on YouTube:

A Chakin Ceremonial tea cloth

To cleanse and ready your tea bowl

Use this hemp tea cloth to cleanse the tea bowl. It is always used slightly moist . Give it a try! It will add to the ceremony of the experience.


Our Premium Organic Matcha for Koicha - Seian

Premium organic matcha from Uji, Kyoto.
Thanks to the arduous labor of this manufacturer, this tea is one of the only genuinely organic high-quality matcha teas available.

Learn more about this wonderful matcha here:
Matcha – Organic Uji Premium Matcha – Seian

Learn more about matcha

Matcha Tea Set 3 – Ceremony


Availability: Only 1 left in stock

take your first steps in tea ceremony Today.

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Matcha Tea Set 3 – Ceremony

Availability: Only 1 left in stock