Matcha Tea Set 2 – Original

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Start your matcha habit in style with our original matcha set.
This Matcha set will equip you with all the tools and the tea you need.
This is the ideal kit for the regular matcha drinker.


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Tea bowl
Stylish black bowl.

Tea scoop
Bamboo tea scoop

Tea whisk
Bamboo chasen tea whisk.

Stylish Black tea bowl

Black checker pattern tea bowl

The exterior of the bowl resembles a fishing net on an elegant black background. The alternating matte and glossy surface make the piece truly stand out, while the glossy black interior beautifully emphasizes the color of the matcha inside. 

This tea-bowl is ideal in size for those with smaller hands, and fits perfectly in anyone’s grip. The rounding of the bowl makes it a bowl that is easy to hold and the closure towards the mouth of the bowl helps to retain the tea’s heat longer.

Bamboo tea scoop

The Tea Crane Original Dark Tea Scoop

A stylish bamboo tea scoop to measure the amount of tea powder needed for your bowl of tea.

  • For a bowl of thin-tea (usucha), scoop tea with the bowl of the tea-scoop only, and insert 2 scoops and a half into your tea-bowl.
  • For a bowl of thick-tea (koicha), use the entire front half of the tea-scoop to draw tea onto, and measure three scoops per one person’s portion.

Bamboo chasen tea whisk

The Tea Crane Original Tea Whisk

This tea whisk was designed and ordered from a skilled tea whisk artisan in Takayama by Tyas Sosen.

It’s an original tea whisk reflecting the ideas and style of The Tea Crane flagship store in Kyoto.
– The Indigo and white threads reflect the current identifying colors of The Tea Crane.
– The choice for black bamboo is related to the choice of dark wood for the interior of the shop.
– The shape of the tea whisk is made according to the preference of the Enshu-school of tea ceremony.

Tea whisk shaper - kusenaoshi

Keep your tea whisk in good shape

Use this simple tool to maintain the wide shape of your tea whisk to ensure that it will continuously serve you with a delicious froth, while making sure the tea whisk lasts you longest.
For more information on how to use this tool and how to properly care for your tea whisk, refer to my explanatory video on YouTube:

A Chakin Ceremonial tea cloth

To cleanse and ready your tea bowl

Use this hemp tea cloth to cleanse the tea bowl. It is always used slightly moist . Give it a try! It will add to the ceremony of the experience.


Premium Pesticide-free Koicha-grade Matcha – Wazuka no Mukashi

High-grade pesticide free matcha.
Suited for ceremonial use as ‘thick tea‘ (koicha).
Matcha of the samidori cultivar. 

Learn more about this wonderful matcha here:
Premium Pesticide-free Koicha-grade Matcha – Wazuka no Mukashi

Learn more about matcha

Matcha Tea Set 2 – Original


Out of stock

Start your matcha habit Today.

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  1. Jon Hutson (verified owner)

    Beautiful tea set, everything is high quality and works wonderfully.

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