Easy Matcha Sieve


Easy to use matcha strainer.
Get your matcha ready to use within minutes.
Strain larger amounts of matcha at once.

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Easy to use “kondo-type” matcha sifter can.
The round beads in the sifter help to push the matcha through the strainer into the can.
Using this can allows you to sieve your matcha in an instant with a few simple circular wrist motions.

Watch the introduction and how to use video below:


Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 matcha sifter can with strainer and 3 metal beads. Comes with 1 wooden spoon.
  • Packaging: cardboard box.
  • Size: height 14cm; diameter 8.5cm.

The kondo tea strainer can be used to sieve larger amounts of matcha at once.
Strain a new batch of matcha powder after opening the package and keep it ready for use at any time.
The beads in the can help with easy and quick sifting of the tea, and the large size of the can allows for easy cleaning.

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