Premium Pesticide-free Koicha-grade Matcha – Wazuka no Mukashi


One of the only pesticide free matcha products available, suited for ceremonial use as ‘thick tea’ (koicha).


This brand of matcha is produced by the Azuma family in Wazuka, Kyoto. They are a producer of organic and environmentally friendly tea products, with their main focus on the manufacturing of matcha.



Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Azuma chaen.
Cultivar: Samidori cultivar.
Tea bush age: 10 years.
Harvest: Spring, 2019.
Type: Green tea / Pesticide free matcha
Contents: 30g.
Additional impressions: When blended as thick tea this tea produces a minimum amount of bitters and astringency, and treats its drinker to a fragrant and creamy delight.

Cultivar chart – Samidori

Breeder: Masajirō Koyama.
History: Derived from a tea bush native to the Uji region. Registered in 1953.
Growth: Intermediate grower with a wide period for harvest.
Specifications: Its growth is absolutely vertical making it a highly suitable species for the purpose of handpicking. The young leaf is juicy, shimmering with a lustrous pale green color, favorable for matcha making it a preferred tencha cultivar. Its yield is good.

About the tea garden

Name: Damu-hata (ダム畑)
Area: 30 ares.
Category: Tea farm.
Altitude: 200m.
Soil type: Granite geology; Decomposed granite soil.
Direction an angle: 15 degrees Northeast.
Ridge direction and shape: Vertically east to west.
Other specifications: New garden planted 10 years ago. Cultivated in a way that doesn’t burden the plants and fertilised in a way that still maintains the features of the garden’s specific soil.

About the climate

Climate: Cold region surrounded by mountains.
Surroundings and environmental circumstances: The farm is positioned in the vicinity of a dam, which is far away from the activity of the town. Fogs and mists occur often, improving the tea’s aroma.

Brewing Method
Measurements per person (multiply by as many persons needed).

・Amount of tea :4g (two and a half tea scoop)
・Water temperature:90℃
・Water amount:30cc
・Stir until creamy and glassy smooth with a bamboo tea whisk.


Weight75 g




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