Konko-Guro Bajohai Tea Cup by Richard Milgrim


Hand-crafted tea cup by tea ceramicist Richard Milgrim.
Red Mino-clay with original combination of Konko-glaze and black seto-guro glaze.
Authentic tea ware from Kyoto.

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Hand-crafted tea cup with a gentle rounded body.
A calm and comforting companion to enjoy your daily moment of tea with.

Product specifications

Tea cup size: H7.1cm x D6.1cm
Packaging: Paulownia wooden box with inscription by the artisan (*see below for details)


Richard Milgrim Profile

Richard Milgrim is a long-term Kyoto resident and ceramic artist for over 40 years. As a specialized “tea potter” (茶陶) he specializes in ceramics that are suitable for use in the rite of tea. With the patronage of the previous grandmaster of the Urasenke-school of tea ceremony he has been able to develop his own style of tea ceramics and built up a large following of tea practitioners within the school. Some of his earlier pieces are also already becoming museum artefact and wanted collectors items.

Richard works in a variety of styles ranging from Mino ware (Shino, Seto, Oribe), to Raku-ware, and even including a style of his own, namely the Konko-glaze. “Konko” (今古) was the name given by grandmaster Sen Genshitsu to Richard’s kiln in America when he lived and worked  in Concord. It is a playful allusion to the town of residence.

The Konko glaze was formed in the US using local materials. Richard invented it in the early years of the 21st Century, and received the official name for the glaze (and the kiln) in 2004. It is not an ash glaze, but the colorant is the result of tin oxide. It is usually fired in a high-firing between 1190 and 1220 centigrade. The result is a beautiful creamy yellow hue that has until now been unseen in Japanese ceramics.

Richard often uses this glaze in combination with traditional Japanese style clays or other glazes. Some of his Konko-glaze pieces are applied on a mino-clay base, and again others include a combination of both the Konko-glaze and a black-seto glaze.

Learn more about Richard Milgrim and his artworks at http://teaceramics.com/

Message from the artist

My first encounter with ceramics began as a college freshman in the early 70’s. The following year, after changing schools I was first introduced to Japan and it’s pottery traditions. From that point on my life has been firmly focused on the unique culture of Japan and in particular “CHANOYU”, known as The Way of Tea.

Since 1977 on my first arrival in Kyoto, I have been blessed with an unending flow of “deai” (encounters) that have almost been like stepping stones on the garden path, leading me into the innermost depths of the field of “Chatou” (tea ceramics).

Undoubtedly the most significant “deai” was meeting Dr. Sen Genshitsu (the former 15th generation Grand Master of the Urasenke Tea Tradition), in 1979. With his guidance and endorsement over the years, including the naming of my 2 studios in both Japan-RICHADO-GAMA, and America- KONKO-GAMA, Dr. Sen has been the primary catalyst in the development of my career over the past 40 years.

Learn more about Richard Milgrim in the following videos:

Richard’s TED Talk

Richard’s appearance in Forbidden Kyoto on NHK World


(*) Note regarding preparation of shipping and packaging of the set for dispatch.

The tea cup will be provided with a dedicated wooden box with inscription by the craftsman. From the time your order is placed, we will work on getting the box made, all items properly packaged, and dispatched to you as soon as possible. Please note that duration until shipping may require between 10 days to 3-4 weeks.

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