【Sencha】Masui’s Withered Sencha Mirai


Lightly withered fragrant sencha from Kawane in Shizuoka.
Authentic self developed cultivar “Mirai”.


Single Estate
Kawane, Shizuoka, Japan.

Single cultivar
Mirai (Shizu-7132).

Green Tea
Pesticide-free Sencha.

New Harvest
Spring 2020.

About the manufacturer

Etsuro Masui

President at Masui-en Tea farm

Esturo Masui is a dedicated tea producer of pesticide-free, all-natural, artisan Japanese tea in Kawane, Shizuoka. He has a profound passion for black tea and other fragrant teas.

Passionate about black tea
deliciously fragrant teas

About the tea cultivar species

Cultivar details - Mirai (Shizu-7132)

Etsuro Masui

The Mirai cultivar is an unregistered cultivar species, derived from the Shizu-7132 cultivar by the farmer himself. 

It is a cultivar with roots in Shizuoka and produces a light and fresh aroma which can sometimes be reminiscent of cherry blossoms in green tea. Etsuro has told me that Mirai is also the name of his daughter. I have yet to figure out whether he named his new cultivar discovery after his daughter, or if he named his daughter after the cultivar species.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 portion.

Amount of tea


Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

40 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [3]

Additional comments:

This is a slightly withered sencha.
You may want to raise the brewing temperature over successive brews to release more of its aroma.

【Sencha】Masui’s Withered Sencha Mirai



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Weight45 g




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