【Sencha】Organic Mountain-grown Nara Native Sencha 100g

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This tea is a high-quality sencha produced on organic farms, and is therefore both safe and unsullied: free of anything known to be unhealthy, and uncontaminated as to flavor. Consequently, it tastes as sencha really should.

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Single Estate
Tsukigase, Nara, Japan.

Single Cultivar
Yamatomidori Seed-grown cultivar.
Planted in 1964

Green Tea
Organic Sencha.

New Harvest
May, 2024.

About the manufacturer

Fumiaki Iwata

President at Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen

Born on 17 May 1974 as the 17th heir to the Iwata family in Tsukigase, Nara prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University Of Agriculture. Resigned as an office worker to continue the family farm in 2001. 

7 acres of tea farm land
3 acres of vegetation wasteland

About the tea garden



20 ares.
Tea mountain.
Altitude approx. 260m.

One of the last farms of its time that were planted from seeds as opposed to cultivars. In 1964 seedlings were still expensive, hence the reason for the choice to plant and grow the bushes singlehandedly.


Geological features:
Magmatic rock on the Japan median tectonic line. Mesozoic era.

Soil type:
Mixture of granite and loamy soil.

Direction and angle:
Southeast facing mountain slope.

Ridge direction and shape:
Horizontal ridges along the slope’s contour lines.

About the climate

Good sunlight in the morning and before noon. Early first flush.

Surroundings and environmental circumstances:
On the opposite side of the farm road are other farmer’s gardens and woods. The farm extends down on the southeast side of the mountain slope from the mountain ridge.

About the tea cultivar species

Cultivar details - Yamatomidori

This native cultivar has been growing in its present location high up in the mountains in Nara Prefecture, unmodified, for over half a century. It is distinguished by a gentle yet distinct sweetness on the palate.

Nara agriculture research center sub-center.

Discovered in 1924, registered as #10, named “Yamatomidori” in 1953.

Extreme late grower. Germination and harvest approximately 10 days behind Yabukita.

Strong against cold, anthracnose, diseases of blight, etc.

Cold resistance
Extremely strong against
winter colds and frost damage.

Suitable land
Growth on sloping surfaces with
desirable drainage is strong, but is weak in lesser effluent areas.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 portion.

Amount of tea


Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

40 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [3~5]

Additional comments:

Brewing for a shorter time (40sec), but at a higher temperature (90~98℃) will release more of the tea’s aroma, without releasing too harsh a bitterness.

Additional impressions:

It’s a good sencha.
At first I thought that it would have a weaker taste but it wasn’t the case.
It’s an overall mellow flavor, not bitter nor astringent. I liked it.

【Sencha】Organic Mountain-grown Nara Native Sencha 100g


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7 reviews for 【Sencha】Organic Mountain-grown Nara Native Sencha 100g

  1. Japan-Kyoto.de

    When I had my first look at the tea, I expected a tea with a more rustic flavor. Taking my first nip, I couldn’t be more wrong. Although not as strong as more expensive teas, the Sato Tsuru has a strong umami flavor which covers your tongue really nice. It also left a good impression at the second infusion. For this price, the Sato Tsuru really is a solid daily runner Sencha and is certainly a good buy.

  2. Amanda Freeman

    So, this is not your typical vegetal umami Sencha, true it is somewhat umami with notes of toasted nori, zucchini, and cauliflower, but it also had notes of apple blossoms, heady sweet woodruff, distant sweet vanilla, and a long lingering nuttiness. A second steep brings in the more classic umami notes of fresh sea air, cooked spinach, lettuce, bean sprouts, and a finish of zucchini (I do really love zucchini so much) with a finish of cooked tofu that lingers for a bit .

  3. Victoria (verified owner)

    A very nice light, refreshing Sencha. I’m so appreciative of tea producers who take the effort to grow organic plants.

  4. Richard Panse (verified owner)

    Another awesome sencha free of chemicals and grown in Japan. I love this tea and the light flavor that it has.

  5. Victoria (verified owner)

    Recently ordered more of this tea. It seems more umami than my last order. I enjoyed this tea’s flavor and aroma. Nice color and the taste is unique – a pure tea flavor.

  6. Stephen Govier

    For my brewing I used hot but not boiling water and stepped for a shorter period and found that this did not release bitterness.
    The aroma from the dry leaves is a delightful mix of meadowland hay and flowers. Bright and very floral all underpinned by a sensory, bright sweetness.
    From the very first sip, from the first infusion, this tea is an absolute delight. Most wonderful in the way it coats the mouth with unction and a long-lasting mouth-watering sweetness.
    Liquor is beautiful, a celestial yellow tinged with a note of green and the balance inherent in this tea is superb, a serene richness neither saccharine nor astringent.
    There is such a teasing sensation when the liquor is held in the mouth, and one that builds over time.
    Umami (うま味) both piquant, zingy, and appealing lingers and epitomises the soothing Qi of this tea. There is a milkiness to the Umami and a high L-theanine as found in the best green tea. The milkiness would suggest a high level of Glutamate.
    The second infusion produces a stronger colour and a hint of astringency. None of which matters as the mouth-watering component fills the mouth and seems to descend into your soul. There is a thickness that rolls down the throat and is directly connected to the sweetness gushing from the heart of this tea.
    The savouring of the first infusion is replaced by the devouring of the second and an addictive desire for the third, such is the soporific triggering of joys.
    If someone was to ask me right now what is my favourite tea in the world I would not hesitate to reply “this one!”
    The steeps that follow are beautiful and all reinforce a sense of hidden enchantments. Tasting the tea secondary to the sensational and evolving mouthfeel of lingering, gushing sweetness.

  7. RJ (verified owner)

    There is not much I can say that others have not covered. This is an excellent Sencha with a good balance of proper good-bitter and umami. It is a very relaxing and cozy tea!

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【Sencha】Organic Mountain-grown Nara Native Sencha 100g

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