【Sencha】Native Wazuka Sencha Limited 100g

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Authentic Pesticide-free, seed-grown Sencha from Kyoto, Wazuka.
Only 5kg per year available!
A tea in line with our “Liquid Jade” series standards!

2023 Spring Harvest

Package size: 100g


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Pesticide free, authentic sencha produced in Wazuka, Kyoto from native seed-grown bushes.

If the yearly produced volume wasn’t as limited, this tea might have actually bee my 4th addition to our Liquid Jade selection. It fulfills all the necessary criteria being absolutely naturally grown from seed-grown, non genetically modified tea trees. Hence it can give us an insight in the kind of tea that was drunk over 100 years ago.

Only 20kg is produced of this tea per year, and The Tea Crane has been allocated 1/4th of that amount. Get a taste of this amazing sencha while it lasts. Gone = gone.



Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Azuma Teruko.
Type: Sencha / Green tea / loose leaf.
Harvest: Spring 2023.


Brewing Suggestion

・Water amount:200ml
・Amount of tea :3~4g

・Water temperature:98℃ 
・Steep duration:40 sec.

Weight115 g




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1 review for 【Sencha】Native Wazuka Sencha Limited 100g

  1. AJA

    Beautiful color in the leaves and the tea brew. The aroma is quite pleasing. I love to smell these leaves after the pour. The taste is clean bright, umami and has a great bitter sweet lingering finish. Another great tea from The Tea Crane. I don’t shop green tea anywhere else now. I hope distinctive artisanal teas like these are the future for tea.

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