Organic Yame Matcha

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This organic matcha is produced in Yamé, a village in Kyushu Prefecture (southern Japan) famous for its Gyokuro. Its characteristics are liquid of a beautiful deep green color, topped when properly whipped by a bright, pastel-green froth. It offers a full-bodied, rounded but transient aroma, and a slight tickle of astringency that is sensed along the sides of the tongue.


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Origin: Yamé, Fukuoka, Japan (single estate).
Cultivar: Blend
Harvest: Spring 2017.
Type: Organic matcha green tea.
Contents: 40g.

Brewing Method
Measurements per 1 bowl.

・Amount of tea :1.25g (two and a half tea scoop)
・Water temperature:80℃
・Water amount:70cc


Weight95 g



3 reviews for Organic Yame Matcha

  1. Phil (verified owner)

    As I stated in the title, this was my first time (knowingly) drinking matcha from Kyūshū. I was pleasantly surprised by a slightly floral aroma which I normally associate with high-quality sencha. The description is correct regarding the aspects of the flavor, and I enjoyed the sweet aftertaste left in my mouth. The powder whipped up nicely, and the only detraction for me was that my last sip was slightly grainy (could have been my fault).

  2. Phil (verified owner)

    I would like to revise my previous review. On a second making of the tea, I did not at all experience the graininess that I mentioned. I think I neglected to dry the bowl enough after warming it up before putting the powder inside. I would also like to say that the packaging is quite nice, and I appreciate having both the metal lid, and the plastic stopper inside to help prevent oxygenation.

  3. Wolfgang (verified owner)

    This Matcha is nice to see and drink.
    Good colour and a very good tast.
    Sweet taste after drinking.

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