The Tea Crane Original Tea Whisk

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The Tea Crane Original Tea Whisk
Indigo-white dual colored string on black bamboo
Shaped in the specific shape of the Enshu school of tea ceremony.


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This tea whisk was designed and ordered from a skilled tea whisk artisan in Takayama by Tyas Sosen.

It’s an original tea whisk reflecting the ideas and style of The Tea Crane flagship store in Kyoto.
– The Indigo and white threads reflect the current identifying colors of The Tea Crane.
– The choice for black bamboo is related to the choice of dark wood for the interior of the shop.
– The shape of the tea whisk is made according to the preference of the Enshu-school of tea ceremony.

The whisk was crafted by Hirata Kazuhisa, one of the very few craftsmen in the only region in Japan, Takayama in Nara prefecture, where traditional hand-crafted bamboo tea whisks are produced.


Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 original bamboo tea whisk.
  • Packaging: cardboard box.
  • Size: Height of tea whisk 11 cm.
Weight50 g


2 reviews for The Tea Crane Original Tea Whisk

  1. Richard Panse (verified owner)

    This is one incredible Tea Whisk. The strings are fine and delicate and it froths up matcha rapidly and thoroughly. It is light in weight and the craftsmanship is just amazing. The Tea Crane Original Tea Whisk is far superior than any other tea whisk that I have ever used. Well worth the money.

  2. RJ (verified owner)

    I have used this whisk twice to host with, and I still cannot believe the difference in ease of use. I admit that I was originally expecting the price to mostly reflect the presentation, with the gorgeous colors of the bamboo and string, but it also reflects the mastery of the artist who made it and its use as a tool.

    It is lightweight with a thin handle, so folks used to the thicker handled heavy whisks might need to adjust a little, but it is worth it. Building foam with this tool is practically effortless in comparison.

    If you struggle to make a lot of foam* with casual whisks, or you if you simply want to wow a guest with a combination of speed and beauty, you cannot go wrong with this one.

    *Provided that your matcha has enough saponin to do so, of course.

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The Tea Crane Original Tea Whisk

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