Pesticide free Wazuka Matcha Samidori


This pesticide free matcha is produced by the Azuma family in Wazuka, Kyoto. They are a producer of organic and environmentally friendly tea products, with their main focus on the manufacturing of matcha.



Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Azuma chaen.
Cultivar: Samidori cultivar.
Tea bush age: 10 years.
Harvest: May 28, 2018.
Type: Green tea / Pesticide free matcha
Contents: 30g.
Additional impressions: A refreshing and healthy bowl of matcha with minor bitterness and distinct fragrance. Especially suited for thin tea.

Cultivar chart – Samidori

Breeder: Masajirō Koyama.
History: Derived from a tea bush native to the Uji region. Registered in 1953.
Growth: Intermediate grower with a wide period for harvest.
Specifications: Its growth is absolutely vertical making it a highly suitable species for the purpose of handpicking. The young leaf is juicy, shimmering with a lustrous pale green color, favorable for matcha making it a preferred tencha cultivar. Its yield is good.

About the tea garden

Name: Damu-hata (ダム畑)
Area: 30 ares.
Category: Tea farm.
Altitude: 200m.
Soil type: Granite geology; Decomposed granite soil.
Direction an angle: 15 degrees Northeast.
Ridge direction and shape: Vertically east to west.
Other specifications: New garden planted 10 years ago. Cultivated in a way that doesn’t burden the plants and fertilised in a way that still maintains the features of the garden’s specific soil.

About the climate

Climate: Cold region surrounded by mountains.
Surroundings and environmental circumstances: The farm is positioned in the vicinity of a dam, which is far away from the activity of the town. Fogs and mists occur often, improving the tea’s aroma.

Brewing Method
Measurements for 1 bowl.

・Amount of tea :1.25g (two and a half tea scoop)
・Water temperature:80~90℃
・Water amount:70cc
・Whisk briskly with a bamboo tea whisk


Weight75 g




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