Year of the Rabbit Zodiac Sign Tea Bowl by Shimizu Hiroshi

Hand-crafted traditional matcha tea bowl for the tea ceremony.
2023 New Year Celebration motif for the year of the rabbit.
Traditional design by Hiroshi Shimizu.
Theme: Rabbit Zodiac sign (卯)
Motif: Kyōgen-bakama (狂言袴)


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Elegant tea bowl in the classical style with motif of the year of the rabbit.

Cultural significance of the tea bowl:

Theme: Rabbit Zodiac sign (卯). 2023 is the year of the rabbit. This bowl is a typical Eto-chawan (Zodiac Tea Bowl) favored by tea practitioners and often used for New Year tea gatherings in celebration of the Zodiac sign of the new year.

Motif: Kyōgen-bakama (狂言袴). The motif on this tea bowl is referred to in this way because of its resemblance to a type of costume used for kyōgen plays. It consists of a pair of Hakama trousers made of linen and is used for common people roles, including servants, farmers and merchants. The Kyōgen-bakama is characterized by its scattered round crests. These are mostly chosen from figures symbolical of health, worth, comfort, sweetness, luxury, etc.

The round crest on the front of the bowl and the design of objects indicative of wealth and prosperity scattered on the back of the bowl are especially indicative of the Kyōgen-bakama style.

Product specifications

Tea bowl size: D14cm x H7cm
Packaging: Paulownia wooden box with inscription by the artisan.

About the artist: Hiroshi Shimizu

Shimizu Hiroshi (清水日呂志) is a Japanese potter, specialized in Korean-style tea ware. He is the 3rd generation of the Shimizu family and learned the art of pottery from his grandfather, Shimizu Rakuzan, since 1959. In 1974 he relocated to Korea to specialize further and mastered the skill of Korean-style tea ware. As an acknowledgement of his achievement he received the kiln name “Garaku” from his teacher. In 1981 he established the Rakuzan-kiln (楽山窯) for Odaka-ware in Mie prefecture. In 1992 he established the Garaku-kiln (駕洛窯) in Korea. And since 1995 he also began firing Korean-style ware at his Rakuzan-kiln in Mie prefecture.

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Year of the Rabbit Zodiac Sign Tea Bowl by Shimizu Hiroshi

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