Red-Oribe Tea Bowl by Masami Katayama


Hand crafted tea bowl by Kyoto potter Masami Katayama.
Red-oribe (赤織部) style earthenware.
Multiple rounds of firing created this magnificent detail on the bowl surface.

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A tea bowl with a magnificent texture and varied pattern crafted in the red-oribe style by Kyoto ceramics artist Masami Katayama.
Successive rounds of glazing and firing created the special surface of the bowl that gives the viewer an endless pleasure of discovery in its patterns and points of attraction.

Product specifications

Tea bowl size: D15.5cm x H6.5cm
Packaging: Paulownia wooden box with inscription by the artisan (*see below for details)


Message from the artist

“Red Ceramic Art” or “Red Oribe” is a technique developed by firing Oribe copper glazed objects in a box packed with charcoal. The carbonization produces a reddish color and not the usual green of Oribe ware. Works made in this way are exhibited in various museums and galleries every year.

Changing forms, balancing colors and developing new designs, while enjoying work at the same time, are important factors to let people think freely about how they can use my ceramic art. I try to make the best use of the red glaze to create and original and imaginative “Red Oribe” identity.

It would make me happy to know that you enjoy the warmth and texture of these “Red Ceramic Art” flower vases, tableware, tea ware and calligraphy goods.

Masami Katayama Profile

Born in Kyoto in 1950. Studied ceramic art under Mr. Minoru Nishikawa after finishing studies at Kyoto City Industrial Research Institute. Became independent in 1977, working in Yamashina, Kyoto. Solo exhibitions held in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Mie, Nara and Kofu, with works also shown in group exhibitions elsewhere. Invited to exhibit in Australia, Great Britain and South Korea. Winner of the Nihon Shinkougei (Japanese New Craft Exhibition) Member, Governor and Major prizes. Winner of Newcomer of the Year award (which included overseas training in Italy and France) at the Kyoto Craft Art Exhibition, as well as an award for excellence. Winner of the Kusunobe and Mayor prizes at the Kyoten exhibition, among other awards.

Nitten (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition) Association Fellow
Board member of the Japan New Craft Artists Association
Director of the Kyoto Association of Craft Artists


(*) Note regarding preparation of shipping and packaging of the set for dispatch.

The tea bowl will be provided with a dedicated wooden box with inscription by the craftsman. From the time your order is placed, we will work on getting the box made, all items properly packaged, and dispatched to you as soon as possible. Please note that duration until shipping may require between 10 days to 3-4 weeks.

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