Shigaraki Shiboridashi Kyusu Teapot – Kiseto

Elegant Kiseto style orange-yellow appearance.
Small Shigaraki ware earthenware tea pot crafted by artisan Sawa Hozan.
Perfect small size shiboridashi teapot.


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This ‘shiboridashi’ tea pot is fit for small servings, and is limitless. It is suitable for almost any tea.

This is your best choice for a personal compacted tea vessel to enjoy all your intimate tea tastings with.

The craquelure in the glaze of the body and lid of the Kyusu, which becomes more outspoken as a result of enduring use, adds a personal touch and flavour to the item, inviting its owner to take special care for its well being.

Product specifications:
Shiboridashi kyusu teapot [KYU-SU HITORI]

Size: φ95 H80
Volume: 130ml
Color: Kiseto
Craftsman: Sawa Hozan (Shigaraki)
Design: © Ar piece factory Co.,Ltd.

Weight280 g



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Shigaraki Shiboridashi Kyusu Teapot – Kiseto

Availability: Only 1 left in stock