Shigaraki Shiboridashi Kyusu Teapot – Red

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Elegant dark look and feel.
Small Shigaraki ware earthenware tea pot crafted by artisan Sawa Hozan.
Perfect small size shiboridashi teapot.


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This ‘shiboridashi’ tea pot is fit for small servings, and is limitless. It is suitable for almost any tea.

This is your best choice for a personal compacted tea vessel to enjoy all your intimate tea tastings with.

The craquelure in the glaze of the body and lid of the Kyusu, which becomes more outspoken as a result of enduring use, adds a personal touch and flavour to the item, inviting its owner to take special care for its well being.

Product specifications:
Shiboridashi kyusu teapot [KYU-SU HITORI]

Size: φ95 H80
Volume: 130ml
Color: Red
Craftsman: Sawa Hozan (Shigaraki)
Design: © Ar piece factory Co.,Ltd.

Weight280 g


1 review for Shigaraki Shiboridashi Kyusu Teapot – Red

  1. RJ (verified owner)

    This is my second shiboridashi by Sawa Hozan, and both are equal in beauty and ease of use.

    The deep red color pairs wonderfully with the color of the leaves, and the light ring frames the sencha in a pleasant way. It is hard to see in the picture, but the nob of each lid has a fun crystal-like appearance that is quite striking.

    The walls are just thick enough to retain the heat of the water while not being cumbersome to lift. With good quality, large leaf Sencha the grooves do an excellent job keeping the leaves in. While it is true that Shiboridashi in general are not seen as a good match for types of tea that have smaller particles, such as fukamushi, it is a problem easily remedied by investing in a small cup strainer to pour through. The lip of the spout pours evenly and does not drip.

    The small, personal size makes it very easy to handle, even for my tiny arthritic hands, and can fit just about anywhere. The shape of the pot is perfectly symmetrical, so it can be used in either hand. It goes without saying that Shiboridashi are also one of the easiest pots to clean and recover leaves if that is your thing. With all of the above convenience, I find it to be a good choice of pot to have at a desk when I want to sneak a little tea in between tasks.

    These small shiboridashi are very cozy, and a wonderful tool for quick personal sessions, or sharing little tea tasters with a friend. I am very pleased with both of mine.

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