Shigaraki Teacup – Red

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Stylish Crimson Red Shigaraki tea cup.
Small Shigaraki earthenware tea cup crafted by artisan Sawa Hozan.
Perfect moderate sized intimate tea tasting cup.


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Product specifications:
Teacup [KO CYA-WAN]

Size: φ70 H42
Volume: 60ml
Color: Red
Craftsman: Sawa Hozan (Shigaraki)
Design: © Ar piece factory Co.,Ltd.

This teacup is your best choice for a moderate sized intimate tea tasting cup.

It’s a great addition in pair with your Shigaraki Shiboridashi Kyusu Teapot – Red and Shigaraki Shiboridashi Kyusu Teapot – Kiseto (Sold seperately)


Weight100 g


1 review for Shigaraki Teacup – Red

  1. RJ (verified owner)

    The perfect companion cup for the matching Shigaraki Shiboridashi, though it is quite wonderful on its own.

    It holds ~50ml of liquid comfortably (a little more if you enjoy amounts closer to the rim). The walls of the cup are just thick enough to retain some heat, while still allowing the tea to cool at a reasonable pace. The deep red color is very lovely, and while it is dark enough that it hides the color of the tea (the Kiseto glaze cup might be better if you are into the tea’s color) it showcases reflections very well if light is a focus of your tea sessions. The weight is perfect. Not heavy, but not light enough to feel brittle.

    The highlight of the cup is, of course, when you pair it with a matching shiboridashi. The size and shape make it a perfect fit to store inside the pot, which makes it easy to tuck away or travel with. I use a very thin cloth to cover the underside of my cup when it is in the pot, which I then fold over before placing the shiboridashi lid on top to keep things from being bumped around too much, though that level of care might be a little excessive.

    This is my second cup, and I thoroughly enjoy having them in my little collection.

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