Small Japanese Tasting Cup – Mame Chawan – Deep Waves


Enjoy your delicious Japanese tea in an appetizing small Japanese tea cup.
Use as tasting cup or to serve tea to your guests.
Seikaiha vortex for deep tea meditation.

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Enjoy your delicious tea out of a traditional Japanese – mame chawan (lit. mini tea bowl) – tea cup.

Drinking tea out of small cups will heighten your appreciation for the tea as your attention is directed more strongly at the brew through drinking only a small portion at the time. Small portions make the tea feel more precious, which will enhance the attention you put forward in drinking. The white inside of the cup allows for a good inspection of the color of the liquor, making these cups great both as tasting cups as well as aesthetically appealing vessels to serve your guests some tea with.

Get hypnotized by the vortex of waves depicted in the classical Japanese seikaiha style motif.

Product specifications
Content: 1 cup
Cup size: D7cm x H4.5cm (65 ml)
Packaging: Cardboard box


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