Sweet Plates by Daisuke Watanabe (Large)


Hand-crafted plates by Kyoto ceramicist Daisuke Watanabe.
Inscribed with luck and happiness to bring prosperity to your tea table.
Authentic tea ware from Kyoto.

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Larger presentation plates to serve sweets or sides on in a matte creamy white glaze.
The plates are inscribed with the characters for ‘fukuju’ (福寿) which is a wish for happiness and prosperity in life.
The characters used are old variations of the original Chinese characters used to write the words.
Of the latter character ‘kotobuki’ (寿), there conventionally are 100 different ways of writing that can be chosen from.
Here the artist has chosen 5 variations to calligraph onto the utensils randomly through each other.
The character for ‘kotobuki’ (寿) which is a wish for happiness and prosperity in life, has been inscribed onto the plates.

Product specifications

Contains:  1x plate; or set of 3x plates
Plate size: H3cm x W12 x D9cm;
Packaging: cardboard box


Daisuke Watanabe Profile

Born in 1989, he is a young and aspiring potter active in Kyoto. Despite his age he has already found a clear focus and desire to crafts his own unique style of ceramics. His pieces can be easily distinguished when put together with pieces from other artists. His choice to inscribe his works with the characters for happiness and prosperity and luck is a strong indication of his desire to make a difference in today’s world by sharing his art with as many people possible, and simultaneously conveying his wish for them to live joyful happy lives.



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