Tea Bag Sencha – Vitality

High-grade sencha Tea bags.
Biodegradable pyramid tea bag material.
Easy to brew and difficult to over-steep!
Brew in hot water in a mug-cup.


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Your Body, Your Temple.

Easy to brew:

  • Don’t worry about over-steeping. Most people throw a tea bag in a mug cup and pour just boiled hot water straight onto the tea bag. Most high grade teas would suffer under this approach, but this sencha is blended specifically to provide a fool-proof drinking experience!
  • Don’t worry about timing. Even if you leave the tea bag in your cup, the tea is blended in such a combination to prevent it from producing unwanted flavors even when steeped for a longer time.
  • Don’t worry about temperature. Even at boiling temperature, the tea will come out deliciously.

Tea bag details:

  • Sencha Origin: Nara, Tsukigase
  • Contents: 2g x 10 tea bags
  • Harvest: Spring 2021
  • Material: Biodegradable tea bag material



Gluten free

Keto friendly

Dairy free

Sugar free

It's time to talk about the relation between tea and health.

#naturalimmunitea™️ is a sub-project of The Tea Crane™️ with the aim to bring awareness to the true physical, spiritual, and energetic benefits of tea drinking.

As an avid tea drinker and tea sommelier myself, I have have had many beneficial experiences with tea in relation to my own spiritual, health, and immunity practices.

When consumed regularly and mindfully tea can provide us with many benefits. The #naturalimmunitea™️ selection is built up from personal experiences and consists of teas that can aid us in living a healthier, more energized, more deeply aware, and happier life.

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Tea Bag Sencha – Vitality

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