The Tea Crane Tea Club

$25.00 on the 20th of each month

*** Subscription packages will be sent monthly. Recurring payments will automatically be collected through your registered Credit Card on the 20th of each month.*** 


Japanese tea subscription

The Tea Crane™ Tea Club​

Get a package of premium artisan Japanese tea each month by joining The Tea Crane™ Tea Club.

Participate in my effort to support artisan Japanese tea manufacturers and enjoy a taste of otherwise unobtainable craft tea.

The Tea Crane™ is your personal tea sommelier for artisan Japanese tea. As an expert in the art of tea, I will make a monthly selection of Japan’s premium, naturally produced artisan tea and send you a package monthly. In doing so, I will provide all the details that will allow you to enjoy that tea to the fullest.

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Japanese Tea Subscription

Each package includes:

  • At least one package of an authentic, naturally produced tea, which otherwise cannot be obtained elsewhere.
  • An informative letter to give depth to your experience of that tea.
  • Access to exclusive online content about the tea, farmer, and farming region.

Artisan Tea

Your subscription is a different package of unique artisan Japanese tea delivered to you each month.  

Personal Joy

Your subscription is your monthly access to relaxation and enjoyment.  

Healthy tea

Your subscription only includes tea that is naturally or organically grown, which will help you support a healthy lifestyle. 


Your subscription is a source of support for Japanese organic tea farmers’ families. It will help boost organic tea production and, in turn, organic tea consumption.  

Become part of our Tea Club Community

Help me to support artisan tea producers with modest contributions
by sharing their tea and stories with you.

$25.00 on the 20th of each month

Customers reviews

What people say?

just received my first month today. I've only tried one of the teas so far but it was exquisite. It may look like a lot of money, but getting three top quality single origin teas directly from Japan for this price is a steal!
Mike Patterson
Got my tea delivered a few weeks ago in the Uk. The tea is great, a nice crisp, clean taste. A lot better than other loose teas I’ve tried over the years. Loved the information included in the tea tasting and subscription booklet also, very informative. Also glad to see the new subscription options. While I do drink a lot of tea of at work, I don’t always get the chance to prepare loose tea properly and so I normally save it for the weekends. Starting off on the lower subscription will be perfect for me.
Thomas Beeston

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Japan’s highest-grade naturally-grown, traditional Japanese teas. 

$25.00 on the 20th of each month

Subscription policy:

  • Monthly subscribers will receive 1 package each month for as long as their subscription is active.
  • Recurring payments are collected on the 20th of each month for the next month’s package.
  • The cut-off date for subscriptions starting from next month’s package is the 20th of each month.

Enrollment example for new subscribers:
New subscriptions ordered between August 20 and September 19 will receive the October edition for their first subscription package.
Subscription orders placed after September 20, and before October 19, will be added to the November edition batch.
Recurring payments are collected on the 20th of each month and account for the following month’s package.

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