The Story of Japanese Tea: a broad outline of its cultivation, manufacturing, history and cultural values

by Tyas Sōsen (Author)

The only in-depth book on Japanese tea, its manufacturing, and culture!
Includes case studies and true stories from active tea manufacturers in Japan.


About the book

The Story of Japanese Tea

a broad outline of its cultivation, manufacturing, history and cultural values

by Tyas Sōsen (Author)

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The material for this book has accumulated over twelve years of active practice in Japan’s rite of tea of which the author has received full instructorship; two years of full-time employment at a traditional tea vendor in the heart of Uji, during which he studied for and passed the examination of the Nihoncha Instructor Association and received certification as accredited instructor; regular meetings with, and tea farm visits at the properties of skilled artisan tea manufacturers, encounters that have provided much insight in subjects as the struggles of tea farmers, the reality behind the manufacturing of tea, and the workings of the industry as a whole.

In addition, for the past four years, the author has devoted his life to discovering the essence of tea through curating a special selection of tea, repeatedly talking to and interviewing tea manufacturers, gathering insider information about the industry, etc. in order to truthfully and openly make this information available internationally.

The discoveries made, and the information gathered during such interactions is what constitutes the foundation for the material presented in this book, and it is with the wish to objectively portray what Japanese tea at its core and in essence is that this book has been brought to life.

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I liked that some of the content can't be found easily somewhere else. For example the processing of Japanese oolong and black tea. The content may not be for beginners in Japanese tea, but overall this is a good tea book.

The Story of Japanese Tea: a broad outline of its cultivation, manufacturing, history and cultural values

Get your copy now.

There aren’t many resources out there yet that deal with the different traits, farming methods, and manufacturing methods of Japanese green tea in depth.
This book is one of the best resources to learn about where tea in Japan comes from, the stories from different active producers, and the history of tea in Japan.
If you don’t believe me or think that I am tooting my own horn, please read the comments and reviews from many happy readers here yourself:

The book received 44 out of 51 5 star (☆☆☆☆☆) ratings, and many favorable reviews from tea professionals, tea sommeliers in training, and tea aficionados worldwide!
If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, and you are aching to learn more about Japanese tea, then don’t hesitate any longer and get a copy now.

When I wanted to learn about Japanese tea there was no resource available in English. Having learned everything I know now through the many years of study while in Japan, I basically wrote the book that I wanted to have when I came here many years ago.
And I wrote it for you, so that you wouldn’t have to go through the same struggles as me to begin learning about Japanese tea.

You can get your copy here: 

Reader’s voice:

  • “I learned a tremendous amount while reading his book.”
  • “I think this is a long awaited book, and a must-read for anyone who is really interested in real tea.”
  • “This book is a must read to understand and enjoy Japanese tea even more, and also to grow and evolve personally.”
  • “Tyas Sōsen goes much beyond (passionately and accurately) describing Japanese tea: he pictures a view on what really ‘good tea’ is and links it to concrete criteria”
  • “This book is a wonderfully written, honest and sincere book about the wonders of Japanese Tea.”
  • “For those who do not read Japanese and want to know all about Japanese tea this is the best they can get.”
  • “If the very broad field of Japanese tea is something you always wanted to know more about, this book is the perfect place to start, but it is also interesting and enlightening for seasoned tea drinkers and aficionados of the Japanese tea ceremony alike.”
  • “It is written in such a way that experts and novices alike will gain something from it. It’s a true mine of information not readily available elsewhere and its in depth approach does not overlook any important aspect of green tea. A must read and great addition to any tea library.”

Happy reading!


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