Tokoname Kyusu for One


Tokoname-yaki is one of the largest producers of tea-ware, and especially kyusu tea-pots in Japan. Their Kyusu are very user friendly and are created with the greatest attention to the balance and harmony between beauty and usefulness.

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Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 one person Teapot (with built-in strainer).
  • Packaging: Cardboard box.
  • Size (tea pot): 170ml


Depending on the type of tea the kyusu is meant for, the size of the kyusu and the setting it will be used in, Tokoname kyusu come with  a variety of in-layed strainers to keep the tea-leaf out of your cup.

This particular kyusu is readied with a minute strainer net in front of the mouth of the tea-pot, to allow it to be used in a wide, and universal way, for various types of tea.

Measuring only 170ml, this kyusu is particularly suitable for individual portions or servings, or for high-grade teas such as Gyokuro.


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