Traditionally Hand-picked Mandokoro Sencha



Mandokoro is one of the only regions in Japan where traditional cultivating and harvesting methods have not been overthrown by industrialisation. The inhabitants of this small village continue to treat their bushes in a natural way, only adding pampas grass and occasionally lees of coleseed used for extracting oil to the soil. Not one farm in this mountain village uses chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides, and each year in spring, the community gathers to aid each other in the arduous task of hand-picking the leaf, used for this absolutely delicious sencha.

I try to make my contribution each year and at least spend a day in the fields with the elderly ladies, joyfully picking tea.

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Origin: Mandokoro, Shiga, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Ren Yamagata.
Cultivar: Mandokoro native cultivar.
Harvest: Spring 2018.
Type: Green tea / Sencha / loose leaf.
Additional impressions: Sweet potato; Roast chestnut; Chicory bitter; Black pepper spicy; Revitalising. Strong tannins with a sweet and gentle, refreshing breeze in the mouth.

Brewing Method
Measurements per person.

・Amount of tea :3g
・Water temperature:90℃
・Water amount:100cc
・Steep duration:40 sec.

Suggested no. of infusions: [3]
Brewing for a shorter time (40sec), but at a higher temperature (90~98℃) will release more of the tea’s aroma, without releasing too harsh a bitterness.


Weight45 g




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