Kyusu & Tea Cup Set by Nakao Munehiro

Akahata-glaze kyusu tea pot with 3 small tea cups for enjoying and sharing Japanese tea.
Hand-crafted in Nara, Japan by Munehiro Nakao.
A Tsukitachi-kama original production.


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Authentic hand-crafted kyusu tea pot and tea cup set suitable for Japanese tea. This set comes with 1x kyusu tea pot and 3x tea cups. Ideal to enjoy a mindful and relaxed everyday tea moment or to share a delicious tea with friends or family.

The potter uses the Akahata white glaze on a reddish soil to bring out this beautiful glossy white surface. With use over time the glaze will start to show a craquelure which will add to the flavor of the teapot and its expression.

Product specifications

Contains:  1x kyusu tea pot; 3x tea cups
Tea pot size: H6cm x W12cm x D10cm (12o ml);
Tea cup size: H3.5cm x D5.5cm (30 ml);
Packaging: standard wrapping


Munehiro Nakao Profile

Born in 1980 in Nara prefecture.
Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural Ceramists’ Technical Institute.
Worked under Masaaki Inomata at the Bizen-ware Saizōbō kiln as an apprentice for 5 years.
Worked under Ōshio Shōzan at the Akahata-ware Shōzan kiln as an apprentice for 5 years.
Started his own kiln under the name Tsukitachi-kama in Ikoma, Nara in 2013.
Moved the location of his kiln to Heguri in Nara in 2018.





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