Vintage Mountain Grown Sencha 2015


2015 is the year I started The Tea Crane.

And this tea is the first green tea I obtained and offered in the shop. It was a topper and I had named it ‘Sato-zuru’ (郷鶴) or Crane of our hometown in reference to the Nara native cultivar used for its manufacturing.


At this farm, the tea is grown according to exclusively natural methods. This kind of tea lends itself better for ageing, and to become, with the Chinese ideogram, 老茶, or old (matured) tea. Although having aged for 3.5 years, this tea has settled and mellowed in taste, still maintaining its full and refreshing character.



Origin: Tsukigase, Nara, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Fumiaki Iwata.
Cultivar: Nara native cultivar.
Harvest: Spring 2015.
Type: Mountain grown organic sencha green tea / loose leaf.
Additional impressions: Full-taste, slight vegetal astringency, lingering sweetness, faintly menthol and liquorice-root. Refreshing and vitalising.

Brewing Method
Measurements per person.

・Amount of tea :3g
・Water temperature:90℃
・Water amount:100㏄
・Steep duration:40 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [3]
Brewing for a shorter time (40sec), but at a higher temperature (
90~98℃) will release more of the tea’s aroma, without releasing too harsh a bitterness.



Weight45 g




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