【Vintage 22】Yame First Flush Benifuki Wakōcha 30g

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Organic Wakōcha Red Tea

Matured Japanese ‘Wakōcha’ red tea from the Benifuki cultivar.
Growing at an altitude of 500m above sea level, this first flush red tea has received a full bodied character with a delicious sweetness and aroma.
The manufacturer observes a 100% organic approach to his tea cultivation.

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Single Estate
Yame, Fukuoka, Japan.

Single Cultivar
Benifuki cultivar.
17 years old.

Black Tea
Organic Wakōcha.

New Harvest
May, 2022.

About the production process


Withering – kneading – oxidation fermentation – fixing – drying.

Additional comments

In order not to damage the leaf too severely special care has been taken in gently kneading the leaf.
This allows the leaf to unfurl throughout infusion and gradually reveal its original shape again.

Join me on a visit to this tea farmer

About the manufacturer


Masashi Harajima

President at  CHIYONO-EN

To produce a healthy and delicious tea he tends to his bushes on a daily basis. As a result he has been able to obtain the price for the best tea from the Japanese ministry of agriculture three times now. His endeavor to guide people to alternative ways of consuming and enjoying tea has led him be receive instructor ship in a school of sencha tea ceremony and continues to study pleasant ways to enjoy tea in a contemporary setting.

650 meters above sea leavel
3 times MAFF best tea prize

About the tea garden



18 ares.
Tea Farm.
Altitude 550m.

Yabe is a small village in the mountains of Yame city in Fukuoka prefecture. The farms of Chiyono-en are situated at an altitude of 400 to 650 meters high. This is one of the highest altitudes for tea manufacturing in Japan. In summer the precincts are comparatively cooler as opposed to other regions, and in winter the farms are covered in thick layers of snow. 


Soil type
Red – yellow Loamy soil.

Direction and angle:
3% slope.

Ridge direction and shape:
East to west crescent shaped lanes of bushes.

About the climate

Especially cool in summer. In winter the bushes get covered in thick layers of snow.

Surroundings and environmental circumstances:
The tea garden is surrounded by forest on all 4 sides. the morning sun reaches the bushes early. In the evening the sun disappears rather soon.

About the tea cultivar species

Cultivar details - Benifuki

Tea and vegetable Research institute in Mie Prefecture.

Registered in 1993 as number #44. The mother of this variety is the Benihomare cultivar, which is a direct descendant of Assam’s native species, and was mated with the ‘Makura Cd86’ cultivar, a variety with Indian Darjeeling roots. It was chosen in favor its fermentation potential, producing a balanced black tea with aroma, color and flavor gathered together in a harmonious whole. When produced as an oolong it is said to have great potential for the production of the ‘Iron Goddess’ or Tieguanyin.

Intermediary grower, 7~9 days prior to Benihikari. 1~2 days later than Yabukita.

Strong against most of the primary diseases common on tea bushes.

Suitable land
Best suited for growth in areas with a mild climate, where winter colds are not too fierce.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 portion.

Amount of tea


Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

2~3 min

Suggested no. of infusions: [3~5]

Additional comments:

A hotter temperature better extracts the tea’s delicious aromas.

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【Vintage 22】Yame First Flush Benifuki Wakōcha 30g


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【Vintage 22】Yame First Flush Benifuki Wakōcha 30g

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