Oranda Chawan – Matcha Tea Bowl by Yohei Nakamura

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Hand crafted matcha tea bowl for the tea ceremony.
Traditional design by Yohei Nakamura.
Shape: ninsei (ninsei; 仁清).
Motif: Holland (oranda; 和蘭)


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Traditional matcha tea bowl for use in the tea ceremony. Tea bowls used for tea ceremony practice are preferred to have traditional shapes and motifs. They often are imitations of famous tea bowls that were selected as preferred and valued vessels by the tea masters of old. The description of such bowls is often divided into shape, and  style or motif. Shapes often resemble ‘everyday’ objects that have a significance in Japanese culture. Motifs are commonly preferred applications and styles of craftsmanship.

Cultural significance of the bowl in question:

Shape: ninsei (ninsei; 仁清). Ninsei was a late 17th Century Kyoto potter. He is said to have codified the colorful motifs that can be seen on many kyō-yaki bowls today. This bowl is one of the contemporary pieces that adhere to his style of traditional kyoto ware motifs.

Motif: Holland (oranda; 和蘭). This motif is in the style of 17th Century Holland wares with the colorful patterns that were then imported to Japan. Holland wares were favored among tea practitioners and many pieces were imported from kilns in the Netherlands directly. They served as preferred motifs to reproduce in Japan as well.


Product specifications

Tea bowl size: D14.5cm x H7.5cm
Packaging: cardboard box

About the artist: Yohei Nakamura

Born in Kyoto in 1950. Graduated from the Kyoto Prefectural Ceramists’ Technical Institute in 1965; entered apprenticeship with pottery master Josui Katō. Received the mayor’s prize at the traditional industries fair in 1966. Received the Kyoto Association of Ceramics prize in 1970. Received the mayor’s prize at the Sumie exhibition in Tokyo in 1971. Received the director’s prize at the Kyoto Cooperative of Ceramics’ Kyo-yaki/Kiyomizu-yaki exhibition in 1983. And received the Mayor’s prize at the pottery figures and ceramics exhibition the same year.

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1 review for Oranda Chawan – Matcha Tea Bowl by Yohei Nakamura

  1. RJ

    I received this bowl as part of a set that I purchased alongside the Enshu starter course (which is well worth it, if you have interest in tea ritual!).

    This is a gorgeous, colorful, and playful bowl that is, like all of Yohei Nakamura’s works that I own, an absolute joy to use. What does not show in the pictures are the tiny artistic cracks in the glaze which are very relaxing to explore.

    The bowl is light weight, with a foot that is very easy to grip. The foot to rim ratio, which is pretty standard, feels very good in my small hands. The walls of the bowl are high, which is excellent to prevent messes while adding matcha powder and/or during whisking if you are learning the process.

    The inner bowl is very smooth, with a small and equally smooth divot in the center. This makes whisking flow very smoothly and will preserve your chasen for longer.

    The walls of the bowl are a standard this size, which cools tea very quickly. This makes it a wonderful hot weather bowl, and is easy on the fingers as you drink from it.

    For folks new to tea ritual the inner pattern, which consists of delightful hand painted dots and two lines, can help with memorizing and remembering serving/cleaning turns.

    It is a lovely bowl, and I am fortunate to own one. Highly recommended.

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Oranda Chawan – Matcha Tea Bowl by Yohei Nakamura

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