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[NOV 2018] - Nara Native Wakocha

The Tea Crane Subscription

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This tea was part of The Tea Crane Subscription ed. November 2018 package.

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About the tea

Origin: Tsukigase, Nara, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Fumiaki Iwata.
Type: Black tea - Wakocha. 
Cultivar: Yamatomidori Seed-grown cultivar.
Harvest: May 22, 2017.
Tea bush age: approx. 50 years. 

Cultivar chart - Yamatomidori

Breeder: Nara agriculture research center sub-center.
History: Discovered in 1924, registered as #10, named "Yamatomidori" in 1953.
Growth: Extreme late grower. Germination and harvest approximately 10 days behind Yabukita. 
Specifications: Strong against cold, anthracnose, diseases of blight, etc.
Cold resistance: Extremely strong against winter colds and frost damage.
Suitable land: Growth on sloping surfaces with desirable drainage is strong, but is weak in lesser effluent areas. 

About the tea garden

Name: Gendala (ゲンダラ).
Area: 20 ares.
Category: Tea mountain
Altitude: Approx. 260m.
Geological features: Sedementary rock of the old lake Biwa stratum. Cenozoic era.
Soil type: Clay soil inclusive of round pebbles. 
Direction an angle: West facing mountain slope.
Ridge direction and shape: Vertical ridges.
Other specifications of the tea garden and cultivation: One of the last farms of its time that were planted from seed. These bushes are technically speaking not native, but the fact that they are planted from seeds of a cultivar is specific to this type of bush.

About the climate

Climate: Slow rising of the soil temperature due to Westward position. Slow first flush.
Surroundings and environmental circumstances: No surrounding farms on this mountain flank. The mountain's inclination and the farm's vertical ridges aid with water and air circulation in the thick clay soil. Uneven sunlight exposure due to surrounding trees.

Additional information

Long wilting. Fermented until a strong sweetness is exalted. Finished with a refreshing, yet sweet aroma indicative of this cultivar's character.


Brewing Suggestions
Measurements per portion.

・Amount of tea :4g
・Water temperature:98℃
・Water amount:200㏄
・Steep duration:90 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [3]
Brewing at a high temperature will release the tea's aroma more strongly.


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