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[DEC 2018] - Korogi Wakocha Twig-roast

The Tea Crane Subscription

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This tea was part of The Tea Crane Subscription ed. December 2018 package.

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About the tea

Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan (single estate).
Farmer: Yōichi Kōrogi.
Type: Black tea - Wakocha roasted twigs. 
Cultivar: Takachiho, Yamanami, Native, Okumidori blend.
Harvest: July, 2017.
Tea bush age: 15~40 years. 

About the tea garden

Name: Various.
Area: 20~350 ares.
Category: Tea farm
Altitude: 600~650m.
Soil type: Porous hardened lava and red loam. 
Direction an angle: Sloping surfaces in various directions.

About the climate

Surroundings and environmental circumstances: Yōichi’s farms are situated in this central area on the Kyūshū mountain range, at an altitude of 600 to 650m above sea level. In summer it is cool, and in winter this region is treated with good amounts of snow. The temperature differences between day and night are large, while most mornings produce a thick mist over the mountains. These are all features that are specific to mountainous areas and that – in contradiction to flat areas – have always been considered more beneficial to the growth of tea, summer and autumn vegetables and rice.

Additional information

Harvested before summer fertilisation.


Brewing Suggestions
Measurements per portion.

・Amount of tea :4~5g
・Water temperature:98℃
・Water amount:200㏄
・Steep duration:90 sec

Suggested no. of infusions: [5]
After the 4th brew, the tea produces slightly herbal and spicy notes.


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