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Compact Travel Kyusu


  • $5000

Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 handle-less travel teapot (with built-in strainer).
  • Packaging: Cardboard box. 
  • Size (tea pot): 170ml

  Tokoname-yaki is one of the largest producers of tea-ware, and especially kyusu tea-pots in Japan. Their Kyusu are very user friendly and are created with the greatest attention to the balance and harmony between beauty and usefulness.

  This particular tea-pot is devised as a contemporary devise making tea drinking easier and better enjoyable. It's main features can be summarized as follows:

  1. Single-handed handling
    This tea-pot can be handled with one hand, taking it at both sides and keeping the lid in place using the index-finger.
  2. Easy cleaning
    Tea leaves can be easily thrown out, and it can be washed rapidly thanks to its open shape.
  3. A fresh design
     Since it has no handle, it can be put away without consuming more space than any mug-cup. Moreover, it makes for the ideal travel companion to enjoy tea anywhere.

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