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Kamikatsu Bancha - Hand-processed fermented tea

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Kamikatsu Bancha is a Bancha kind of tea produced in the Kamikatsu village in Tokushima prefecture, situated north of Shikoku. The leaves for the tea are obtained during the hot summer months. They are first boiled to stop oxidation, and are successively pickled and fermented in large wooden barrels of which the walls are rich in lactic-acid bacteria. After fermentation, the leaves are dried under the open sky for approximately two days.

The tradition of this tea began in this particular village, and is maintained by a handful of its current inhabitants only. Since the initial purpose of the tea was in-house consumption, the traditional methods of hand-picking and hand-processing are still observed today, and because of this the tea is only available in scarcity, and thus difficult to obtain.



Origin: Tokushima prefecture, Kamikatsu (single estate).
Cultivar: Local cultivar.
Harvest: Summer 2017.
Type: Fermented tea / loose leaf.
Additional impressions: Sour and sweet fragrances; Vinegar; Flowery aroma; Rose hip sourness.

Brewing Method
Measurements for 2 liters.

・Amount of tea :10g
・Water temperature:boiling
・Water amount:2L
・Boilling duration:2 min

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