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The Tea Crane Yearly Subscription

The Tea Crane Yearly Subscription

The Tea Crane

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*** Subscription packages will be sent monthly. Recurring payments will automatically be collected through your registered Credit Card every 12 months.***

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The Tea Crane™ is your personal tea sommelier for artisan Japanese tea. As an expert in the art of tea, I will make a monthly selection of Japan's premium, naturally produced artisan teas in the form of a monthly subscription, providing all the details that will allow you to enjoy that tea to its fullest. 

Each month, I will provide you with the following: 

  • One package of approximately 50g of an authentic, naturally produced tea, which otherwise cannot be obtained elsewhere.  
  • An informative pamphlet (or ZINE as that's commonly called) that includes a producer profile, an interview with a farmer, tea reviews, notes on farming methods, brewing guides, and much more to give depth to your experience of savoring tea. 
  • Access to exclusive subscriber-only videos.
  • Access to back numbers and direct access to me for answers to your questions on Japanese tea.
  • Free delivery to your home address via low-priority SAL or Airmail. No additional shipping fees apply. 

[Click here to learn more about our previous Kickstarter campaign]


Subscription policy:

  • Yearly subscribers will receive 1 subscription package each month for the duration of one year, and thereafter again for each time their subscription is renewed.
  • Recurring payments are collected once every year.
  • The cut-off date for subscriptions starting from next month's package is the 20th of each month.


Enrolment example for new subscribers: 

New subscriptions ordered between August 20 and September 19 will be charged on the day the order was placed, and will receive the October edition for their first subscription package.

Subscription orders placed after September 20, and before October 19, will be added to the November edition batch.

Recurring payments are collected on the 10th of each month and account for the following month's package.

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