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Natural and organic teas cultivated in harmony with nature, without the use of anything that could be harmful to our environment or our bodies.

The Tea Crane Core is a selection that embodies The Tea Crane’s values in selecting tea. Simultaneously it is a representation of what we believe authentic Japanese tea is, and how we think it is best understood. The teas in this selection are carefully curated by your tea sommelier Tyas Sōsen based on our guidelines for quality control.

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Small batch

Unique, small-batch teas that were carefully and heart-fully produced by passionate manufacturers with an authentic vision and beliefs.


Natural teas with refreshing and revitalising fragrances and floral aromas in line with how tea must have tasted in the past.


Teas with a natural diversity. Each year, each harvest, each specific region produces a different tea. This is the way of nature.

The Tea Crane Matcha is a collection of authentic Japanese premium-quality pesticide-free, organic or naturally produced matcha teas.

As an instructor in the tea ceremony tea master Tyas Sōsen has curated this selection for your daily moment of mindful relaxation in the form of a bowl of tea.

Improve the quality of your life
by adding matcha to your daily routine


Matcha encourages mental clarity and helps you to be more focussed and alert throughout the day.


Have more energy and vitality during the day. Matcha gives you that gentle boost to be more active.


Boost your immune system to be and feel more healthy everyday, for the rest of your life.


Matcha's L-theanine has a calming effect on body and mind.


Cleanse your body from the inside out to live cleaner and healthier. You will feel better.

Contemporarily, more artisan tea manufacturers have begun to experiment with the manufacturing of non green tea variations of which black tea and oolong tea are most prominent. But, in contrast to the black teas that were produced in the previous centuries, these contemporary variants are not produced for the large international market. On the contrary, these manufacturers attempt to create a uniquely Japanese black tea product that is distinctive of Japan’s unique terroir and gives expression to the traits of the country’s original cultivar variations.


New trend in tea


Savored worldwide


Prize winning


Japanese quality

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The Tea Crane Limited Selection is a collection of small-batch teas that are produced by passionate producers under natural or organic circumstances.
These teas only have limited availability. When a product sells-out, it is taken off the list. Regular new additions will be made.
The guidelines for selecting the teas presented here follow the same principles used for the other teas offered on this store.

This collection includes everything you need to make your daily moment with tea as enjoyable possible.
Tea cups, teapots and other utensils for the utmost enjoyment of your daily life with tea.

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