tea ceremony Kyūgetsu

Our mission at Japanese tea ceremony Kyūgetsu in Kyoto is to make the rite of tea
accessible, comprehensible and enjoyable to you.


We wish to make the Japanese tea ceremony available in Kyoto to outsiders of Japanese culture, through breaking with social conventions and language barriers. To participate in a tea occasion elsewhere you will be expected to have had prior training in the art. We don't expect you to be acquainted with the art, but instead will guide you through the proper procedures in due course.


What your Japanese host will likely fail to provide, we skilfully augment at our Japanese tea ceremony in Kyoto. You as foreigner lack pre-notion of certain distinctly Japanese cultural traits that the locals take for granted. We know that prior explanation of such notions is necessary for you to begin understanding what the Japanese tea ceremony is about.


Participation in a tea occasion doesn't need to be a stoic and painful endeavour. If you're not comfortable sitting on your knees, we'll allow you to sit cross-legged or provide you with a chair. While the tea ceremony does entertain a meditative aspect, there is no need to agonise yourself for the duration of the event. Please come; and let us together share serious fun.

In sharing with foreign visitors to Kyoto our understanding of this unique form of hospitality known as Japanese tea ceremony, our goal extends beyond increasing worldwide appreciation of this rite, and indeed of traditional Japanese culture as a whole. For we believe that engagement with Tea is engagement with the wisdom of our forebears, doing which can be of invaluable assistance in resetting the paradigms through which we see the world, and in effect help make this world a better place.

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