【Gyokuro】Mandokoro Gyokuro

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!! Extremely Limited Edition !!
Only 8kg was produced of this tea.
We were able to procure 1kg to share with our customers.

The Tea Crane is the official international partner of Chaen Musubi.
Through this partnership we aim to make Mandokoro tea more widely known and accessible internationally.

Traditionally grown gyokuro from the Manodokoro region.
Hand-picked. Only natural methods are observed for cultivation.
Shaded with hand-woven straw covering.

2022 Spring harvest.

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Single Estate
Mandokoro, Shiga, Japan.

Single Cultivar
Mandokoro native cultivar.

Green Tea
Hand-woven straw-mat shading.

New Harvest
Spring 2022.

About the manufacturer


Kenji Satō

Independent farmer in Mandokoro

As the population in the Mandokoro region is aging, more labor intensive types of tea making become too burdensome to maintain. Satō-san has resolved to continue crafting the regions’s premium gyokuro according to the ancient old methods to preserve this valuable tradition.

Hand-woven straw shading
Hand-picked harvest

About the tea region



Tea mountains.
Altitude approx. 500m.

Mandokoro is one of the only regions in Japan where traditional cultivating and harvesting methods have not been overthrown by industrialisation.


Situated right next to the Echi-river that runs through the Mandokoro vollage, Satō-san’s gyokuro tea garden is nourished by the early morning dew and soothing mists of the river.

The small tea garden (seen on the photo to the left) is covered in spring with hand-woven straw coverings to reduce the amount of sunlight that gets through to the tea trees. This helps maintain the lush umami sweetness of the gyokuro tea.

To make a stretch of straw covering is a labor intensive and enduring task and is currently maintained  by the oldest inhabitants of the Mandokor village. Ms. Toshiko Okada (95 years) is a wonderful example of an expert straw covering weaver. One meter of matting takes approximately one hour to complete.

Brewing guidelines

Suggested measurements for 1 portion.

Amount of tea


Water temperature


Water amount


Steeping duration

2~3 min

Suggested no. of infusions: [4]

Additional comments:

Begin with a cooler temperature and long steeping duration for the first brew. This will bring out the tea’s umami flavors.
For the successive brews, gradually increase the water temperature, and decrease the steeping time.
Second infusion: 80℃ for 1.5 min.
Third infusion: 98℃ for 40~60 sec.

Join me on a 2-part visit to this tea region:

The best method to brew a delicious gyokuro:

In this video I visit the tea garden of this gyokuro (min 6.55~)

【Gyokuro】Mandokoro Gyokuro


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